White Fillings in Whittier, CA

White Fillings - before and after

Maintaining the beauty of your natural smile as well as your health is the priority at Whittier Dental Arts. For several key reasons, Dr. Gutierrez provides metal-free restorations made of high quality, tooth-colored materials:

  • Aesthetically superior: in every way, when it comes to beauty, these composite resin materials trump metal. They blend into your smile naturally, without any dark lines or obvious metal showing.
  • The conservative option: unlike amalgam, our white fillings require only the removal of compromised tooth enamel, and nothing more as it is bonded directly to the tooth and effectively sealed.
  • Long-term protection: white fillings don’t expand or contract with various temperatures, reducing the risk of a broken tooth, micro fractures and worsening decay.

What Is a Cavity & Why Did You Get One?

Cavities, as their name implies, are essentially holes in your teeth caused by decay. You can sometimes spot a cavity, as the area surrounding the hole generally looks dark brown or gray.

The main culprits to blame for your cavity are certain types of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria are contained in plaque and they interact with the carbohydrates and sugars in your food creating an acidic environment that dissolves the protective enamel on the outer layer of your tooth. Once the acid succeeds in eroding the enamel, your tooth is exposed, leaving just the softer dentin layer, which will ultimately cause the formation of a cavity. At this point the decay process rapidly speeds up and spreads deeper into the tooth.

Why Do I Need a Filling?

A filling is necessary to treat your cavity because if left untreated the decay will eventually grow and will enter into your nerve canal. And yes, this can be as painful as it sounds. It can also lead to more serious problems such as infection or abscess.

A filling may also be needed to replace or repair an old worn down existing filling or to fix a chipped tooth.

In addition to potential pain and discomfort and possible tooth loss, if you wait to have your cavity filled it may end up requiring a more difficult process, such as a root canal, to save your tooth. The bottom line is you should get your cavity filled as soon as you can.

White Fillings (Composite Fillings)

Composite is the filling material of choice when it comes to matching your tooth color. Composite fillings consist of plastic and glass particles. They have become the most popular filling materials because they can match your existing tooth color and they also solidly bond or glue to the tooth.

Unlike the tooth-colored fillings of the past, today’s composite white fillings are sturdy, long-lasting, and suitable for use in all of your teeth. Traditional metal amalgam fillings, while durable and long lasting, result in unattractive dark colored areas, so we at Whittier Dental Arts use only the highest quality white fillings for our dental work, leaving our patients with healthy, clean, white smiles.

The composite in white fillings is a specially formulated material that looks and functions just like sturdy, natural tooth enamel. The procedure for a white filling is similar to that for having a metal amalgam filling, and takes place during a single office visit.

Dr. Gutierrez will carefully remove any rotted and damaged tooth material from the cavity, and then prepare the surface of the tooth for bonding. Once this is done, he will mix a custom composite to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth, and will fill the cavity and sculpt the material to mimic the shape and function of your natural tooth .Once completed, a specially calibrated light will be used to cure and harden the finished filling, leaving you with a healthy and natural looking tooth surface.

New Composite Filling Expectations

Following the filling procedure it is very common to experience some discomfort, normally at the site of the anesthetic or at the tooth itself. To alleviate the discomfort you can follow Dr. Gutierrez recommendation on taking an over the counter pain medication such as Advil that contains ibuprofen. If your symptoms persist then you should visit your dentist.

Care for your teeth in the most conservative manner with white fillings by Dr. Gutierrez. We invite you to see how our practice strives for more than sufficiency. For your smile, excellence is admirable, but exquisite is best. Talk to a team member to learn more, and to discuss the beauty and protection they can offer your smile.

Restore your tooth’s health with the safest and most lifelike materials possible, at Whittier Dental Arts.

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